WG Family of PACS

Individually, it is difficult for any single agricultural business to have an impact on political campaigns. By combining our collective resources, WG Political Action Committees (PACs) provide a broader platform to amplify the voice of the fresh produce industry in important legislative races and initiative campaigns.

WG operates a bipartisan Family of Political Action Committees (PACs) designed to:

  • Help elect pro-agriculture candidates to state and federal legislative, statewide and congressional offices, and
  • Support, oppose or run statewide ballot initiatives that impact agriculture and the business community.
WG Candidate PACs

WG state and federal candidate PACs make direct contributions to candidates and officeholders with a demonstrated commitment to good public policy for agricultural business owners and their employees.

PAC Limitations


Contribution Limit

$9,100 per Calendar Year

Type of Dollars

May be personal or corporate


Contribution Limit


Type of Dollars

Can only be personal, partnership or sole proprietors; No corporate


Contribution Limit

$5,000 per calendar year

Type of Dollars

Can only be personal, partnership or sole proprietors or LLCs not taxed as corporation

WG PAC Board

All WG PAC activities, including contribution decisions, are managed and made by the WG PAC Board. The following contributions are required per two-year cycle to serve on the WG PAC Board:

  • $2,500 to WGPAC-Federal
  • $2,000 to WGPAC-California Issues
  • $500 to WGPAC-Arizona

2023-2024 WG PAC Board

  • Neill CallisTurlock Fruit Company
  • J.P. LaBrucherieLaBrucherie Produce

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