Western Growers continues to lead legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of the fresh produce industry at the federal and state level. Given the political environment in California, Western Growers’ state advocacy efforts are more critical than ever. The California Advocacy achieves remarkable success in protecting the public policy priorities of our members, and Western Growers’ policy influence extends to Arizona, where staff is dedicated to ensuring the continued viability of the fresh produce industry throughout the state.

Insurance Services

We are dedicated to offering protection to our members. Whether it’s providing solutions and resources for individual benefits or providing options for businesses and employees, Western Growers creates, provides and delivers insurance solutions.

Assurance Trust

Western Growers members have access to the largest provider of health benefits for the agricultural industry. Western Growers Assurance Trust specializes in offering highly customizable benefit plans to meet the diverse needs of owners, managers, field workers and seasonal employees.

Media & Communications

To maximize visibility for both members and the issues that they face within the industry, Western Growers maintains a full-time media and communications department dedicated to keeping a finger on the pulse of agricultural change, advocating for growers’ best interests, and drawing attention to the many successes and feats of ingenuity and humanity within the industry.

Human Resources

Focused on providing employment opportunities to all and dedicated to the growth of a team representing our members and our mission, the Human Resources department continues the work of implementing strategies from the Arbinger Institute within all levels of the organization to instill an outward mindset to promote a happy and productive workplace. Western Growers’ Human Resources department also provides invaluable resources for grower organizations to provide a wide range of employment resources and educational support.

Trade Practices

As a benefit to regular shipping members of Western Growers, the Trade Practices & Commodity Services Department assists members in consultation on sales contracts and has done so since 1966. Guidance and education of rights and remedies available to sellers of perishable commodities continues to be an important specialized support.


Western Growers is committed to the success of our members and the safe development and delivery of their commodities. Our experts work with regulators, legislators, universities and scientists to offer resources, including commodity-specific food safety guidelines and regulatory guidance manuals, to resolve the challenges facing our industry today.

Center for Innovation & Technology

In a continued effort to drive the future of the agricultural industry forward, Western Growers opened the doors of its Center for Innovation and Technology in Salinas, California in 2015. Since that time, the Center has taken significant steps to accelerate the development of agricultural technologies and innovations within the industry and has served as the hub for more than 60 agtech start-up companies.

Western Growers University

Through the Western Growers University, members and their employees receive access to a variety of workshops, webinars and onsite events covering industry-critical issues, including leadership, harassment, HR and employment law, supervisory skills, PACA rights and remedies, and safety and risk management.

Financial Services

Through our Financial Services Department, Western Growers members have exclusive access to both business and individual investment resources to build a stronger financial future.

Our organization’s strong leadership dedicates themselves to providing for an industry that provides for the world – so we all can grow together.

Our Members Say:

Western Growers is a proactive organization that drives innovation and helps agriculture be competitive on a worldwide basis.

Carol Chandler, Chandler Farms